Help improve the way partner organisations share local information with you

2020-11-30T15:34:05+00:0019th November 2020|Latest news|

Healthwatch Rochdale are carrying out a survey to help identify and shape the way people receive local information.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic the sharing of information through a digital platform has increased significantly. Healthwatch Rochdale have received feedback via their Covid 19 survey and focus groups relating to communications and how they are delivered across the Rochdale Borough. Following this Healthwatch Rochdale want to learn more about how the residents of Rochdale prefer to receive information and in what format and have therefore created a survey.

The findings from the survey will be shared with partner organisations and will be used alongside other sources of information to help make sure local communication is suited to the needs of Rochdale Borough residents.

Kate Jones, Healthwatch Rochdale Chief Executive Officer, said:

“Healthwatch Rochdale exist to make sure that local health and care services are right for you which also includes how you receive information from services. We will use the results from this survey as evidence to help shape local information to make sure it suits the needs of the people of Rochdale, We are aiming to reach as many people as possible, both digitally and on the ground, with the help of our partner organisations to capture the diverse requirements of the Rochdale borough”

You can share your views and take part in the survey here