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Meet the PCCC members

NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group’s Primary Care Commissioning Committee is made up of representatives from CCG members, NHS England, local GPs, Rochdale Borough Council and Public Health England.

Primary Care Commissioning Committee 

  • Peter Riley, Lay Member for Integrated Risk – Chair of PCCC
  • Denise Dawson, Lay Member for Patient and Public Engagement – Vice Chair
  • Joanne Newton, Lay Member for Governance
  • Steve Rumbelow, Accountable Officer
  • Sam Evans, Chief Finance Officer Health and Social Care Integration
  • Karen Hurley, Executive Nurse/Director of Operations
  • Sally McIvor, Joint Director of Integrated Commissioning
  • Helen Chapman, Corporate Affairs and Governance Manager
  • Sarah Crossley, Head of Primary Care
  • Integrated Commissioning Directorate Representative
  • Quality & Safeguarding Representative

Non-voting members

  • Dr Sonal Sharma, GP representative for Rochdale Locality
  • Dr Imran Ghafoor, GP Representative from Heywood and Middleton Locality
  • Dr Aggy York, Clinical Lead for Primary Care
  • Andrea Fallon, Director of Public Health
  • Dr Keith Pearson, Head of Medicines Optimisation
  • Cllr Daalat Ali, Deputy leader Rochdale Borough Council and Portfolio Holder for Healthy Lives
  • Kate Jones, Healthwatch Rochdale
  • NHS England Representative
  • Chair of  Primary Care Sub Committees
    • Primary Care Assurance and Transformation – Damian Mercer
    • IM&T – Sam Evans