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Rochdale Transformation Programme

Our vision

By 2021 we want more people to be in control of their own health and wellbeing, managing their long term conditions well and being supported to achieve good health and wellbeing across their life.

Introduction and executive summary

Co-operating for better health and wellbeing’ is a joint health and wellbeing strategy and Locality Plan for health and social care in Rochdale Borough (the Plan).

The plan is aligned with the Rochdale Borough Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, NHS England’s 5-Year Forward View and the Council’s Corporate Plan. It also reflects strategic priorities in the borough’s Sustainable Community Strategy and the Greater Manchester Plan (Taking charge of our health and social care in Greater Manchester).

The plan describes how we’ll upscale prevention and deliver a new model of care to improve health and wellbeing outcomes and reduce health inequalities for people in the borough, within a financially sustainable health and social care system.